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November 4, 2021
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PKU Diet – Phenylketonuria Apk Mod Download 2022

Phe metabolic food regimen the number one medical remedy for human beings residing with PKU.

This App to families and kids with PKU on phenylalanine restricted diets • PKU Diet manager Fats food labels do no longer imply the phenylalanine content material of meals compared to protein content material. It could be very tough to music its each day intake. In the app, you may:
○ see some simple merchandise;
○ manager the fundamental composition of meals: kilocalories, protein, phenylalanine alternative (equivalent) of protein, carbonates amp; fat;
○ add a positive amount of Phe one at a time from the meals;
○ create your own product;
○ edit and exchange parameters;
○ сopy days along with food weights;
○ editing the product blanketed within the diet;
○ template for the number of food;
○ view the main composition of the product in step with one hundred grams and consistent with entered grams;
○ calculation of product signs when introduced to the food plan: you could now enter grams • phenylalanine • protein. All fields are recalculated robotically;
○ tracking of amino acid levels and composition for every product in my view, food, and for the entire day.

Daily Phe counting and meal making plans:
Treatment is with a weight-reduction plan low in ingredients that contain phenylalanine and special supplements. The weight loss program need to start as soon as feasible after birth and be persisted for existence.

Calculation of Phenylalanine vs Protein:
Nutrition labels on ingredients do not listing Phe content of ingredients, it’s far very tough for peoples to music each day dietary Phe consumption.

Food base and upload non-public lists:
People who’re diagnosed early and maintain a strict food plan will have normal fitness and a regular lifestyles span.

○ Info…..
Phenylketonuria (PKU) is an inborn blunders of metabolism that consequences in decreased metabolism of the amino acid phenylalanine. Untreated, PKU can lead to intellectual incapacity, seizures, behavioral problems, and intellectual problems. It can also bring about a musty odor and lighter pores and skin.

PKU Diet – Phenylketonuria Apk mod 2022

Phenylketonuria is a genetic disorder inherited from a men and women dad and mom. It is due to mutations inside the PAH gene, which results in low stages of the enzyme phenylalanine hydroxylase. This outcomes in the buildup of nutritional phenylalanine to probably poisonous levels. It is autosomal recessive, which means that both copies of the gene should be mutated for the situation to develop. There are foremost kinds, classic PKU and variant PKU, relying on whether or not any enzyme function remains. Those with one copy of a mutated gene normally do not have signs. Many countries have newborn screening programs for the disorder.

Treatment is with a food regimen low in ingredients that include phenylalanine and special supplements. Babies must use a special formula with a small amount of breast milk. The diet should start as soon as viable after birth and be endured for existence. People who are identified early and maintain a strict diet may have everyday fitness and a everyday life span. Effectiveness is monitored through periodic blood tests. The medicinal drug sapropterin dihydrochloride can be useful in some.

Males and women are affected similarly. The disease become observed in 1934 through Ivar Asbjørn Følling, with the significance of diet decided in 1953.

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